Grandson Casey Willis

Grandson Casey Willis
Casey plays the clarinet at a school concert.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

OK I am a terrible blogger!! About once a year I write some news. It has been so long that I can't even remember what has happened since the last time I blogged.

JC and Stephanie had their baby, Makenna October 24, 2009 since I last blogged and Liesl and Brian had their baby, Koston on October 25, 2009. Both are now 1 year old. Wow! How time flies.

This last summer Gary and I didn't do much traveling. We went to Pinetop for a week in June to see Summer and kids and Ryan & Amy and boys. Later in the summer we were at Haigler for a week for a little family reunion with my kids and grandkids. It was GREAT to see so many of my children and grandkids. Ryan & Amy and boys came as well as Rachele & Larry and family, Terri & Cory and kids, JC & Stephanie and Makenna, Summer's children and their dad, Johnny Mc Cray. Sadly, Dawn and Dave couldn't come from Oregon and Liesl and Brian were in Hawaii on a second honeymoon. But Gary and I got to keep Koston with us. We had so much fun taking care of him for a week.

I got to go to Oregon in July to see Dawn, Dave, Ronan, and Sophia. I was there over Sophia's birthday. I had a wonderful time with them going to a museum and to the beach at Cannon Beach. That is a beautiful place even though it was foggy and a little chilly. I had a great time playing with Ronan and Sophia. I just wish they were closer to Arizona.

Dawn has been having horrible headaches for a year or more now. After many tests the doctors cannot attribute the headaches to anything. A NTE doctor said that she has something wrong with her septum and a bone spur on it that may be the cause. She had surgery this past Thursday, November 18, 2010. Today is her birthday. I wish her the best for her birthday and wish that the surgery will be the answer to eliminating all the headaches.

Tomorrow Liesl, Brian, & Koston are coming from Moscow, Idaho for Thanksgiving. I am so excited to have them come. They have been in Moscow, Idaho since August for Brian to go to law school. Liesl will be staying here until January 9. Brian will have to return Thanksgiving morning for school, then will be driving down just before Christmas. He's so busy with school that Liesl is a law widow for a time. But it will be worth it in the long run!

I am just always busy teaching school. My class this year is noisy and always bickering with each other. Good kids, but they bug each other a lot. I have lots of students new to the Montessori method (about half of my 27 students), so they just don't get it when it comes to showing respect to each other. It is taking a long time to "nomalize" them. "Normalize" is Maria Montessori's term for getting the children to act in calm, respectful ways.

I was hoping to be retired from teaching by now, but because of this great recession we are having, I have to keep working.

This year we had to short sell two rental houses. Our credit stinks now. We sold our little suv to Brian and Liesl to get out from under car payments. We also sold the older sentra. We are down to the white sentra, Gary's old beat up pickup, and his 1987 Mercedes, which I wish he could sell. We have been having $2500 worth of car trouble with the white sentra. It's the pits, but we'll survive it all.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Long Time Since Last Entry

It's been way too long since the last time I blogged. A lot has happened since then, but unfortunately I can't remember everything. So I will just write some random thoughts that are not particularly in chronological order.

After Christmas Gary and I went to Taylor to visit Summer and kids and Ryan and Amy and their four little boys. We took some gifts to all. I enjoy so much watching the little ones open gifts and watch the expressions on their faces. Christmas is always more fun when there are children to share it with. We had a great time visiting with all of them.

I, especially, enjoy the Holidays because I get a two break from school. Even though I spend some of the time preparing for school, it is nice to have some time without thinking about it.

For New Years we didn't do anything special. Watched a movie and went to bed by 10. I am getting too old to stay up late any more.

Recently Gary had a nose bleed that wouldn't stop. He is on blood thinning medicine. Early one morning, around 2:00 A.M.,his nose started bleeding. It wouldn't stop. He called his doctor about 7 A.M. Doc told him to go to emergency room. I went on to school. Brian took him to the ER at Banner Baywood. (Thanks, Brian). They packed one side of his nose, made some recommendations and sent him home. I went home from school about 5 P.M. I found Gary in the bathroom hunched over a waste basket with his nose bleeding again. The packing had come out and hadn't done much good. By now he had blood running down his throat as well as out his nose. Since he was feel nauseated and about to pass out, I called 911. Our neighborhood could use a little excitement. Paramedics came and transported him to ER. By the time we left the house we had 5 or 6 concerned neighbors at our house to see what they could do to help. We live in a great neighbor hood!

After 2-3 hours at the ER, we went home with both of his nostrils packed, more recommendations and a perscription for a strong antibiotic because of the blood that he had swallowed. He had to keep his nose packed for 48 hours, then return to ER to get it unpacked. Well, finally, all is back to normal and he is doing fine. But it was a little scarey for a while. While all this was going on with the paramedics, Liesl was asleep downstairs. She never knew anything was happening. I knocked on her door to let her know we were going to the ER, but couldn't rouse her. I called her later while at the ER to let her know where we were. The basement is a pretty quiet place.

Gary and I were teaching primary for the last year. We were just recently released. I have been called to teach in Relief Society, the 4th week. We really enjoyed teaching primary, but I am with kids of the same age all week. I was telling my school assisstant that even though I liked teaching primary sometimes it would be nice to have a church job where I didn't have to teach the same age kids that I teach every day of the week. I was telling her this just 2 or 3 days before our neighbor, the 1st councilor in the bishopric, came over and called me to teach in the RS. The lesson I learned from this is you better be careful what you want, you just may get it. Now I have to stand up in front of all these women who are way more knowledgable in the Gospel than I. Many of them are wives of mission presidents, former bishops, stake presidents, temple presidents. Our ward is made up of lots of former presidents and/or bishops. It's awesome. I feel pretty inadequate giving them a lesson. One great thing about it, however, is that they participate really well. Their discussion nearly gives the whole lesson.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Here's Johnny reading a book. We had fun reading some Childcraft books together.

Our trip to Pinetop and Taylor

This past week was my fall break, so Gary and I decided to go to Pinetop and stay for a couple of days at the World Mark there. We went to Taylor to visit Summer and her kids and Ryan, Amy and their children. We all met at Eva's for Mexican food on Monday night. After dinner we stopped at Ryan's to give Zach and Hunter their birthday gifts. We didn't stay long. I didn't feel too well that night and ended up back at Pinetop with a very upset stomach. We had to make a stop at Walgreen's for some Tums for me.

Next day I felt much better. We went back down to Taylor and spent most of the day with Summer and kids. Damon and Daiziah went back to Pinetop to spend the Tuesday night with us. We were hoping that Jake and Hunter could too, but they still had school. Daiziah and Damon just skipped theirs on Wednesday.

We had a good time with Daiziah and Damon. I played with them on the playground at the resort. They searched for acorn shells, chased squirrels, and took walks. Later we went shopping at WalMart, ate at Taco Bell, then returned to Taylor in time for Summer to get home from work. Then we left and came back home to Mesa.

If I can figure out how to put pictures on my blog, Iwill so you can see some sights from my trip to China that I took at the end of July.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Can You Believe I Am Blogging

Hi, I decided to start a blog and join all the others that do it, especially my kids.

I have wanted to do this for some time now, but have been too busy doing something else. I am still too busy with school, but maybe I can stay in touch with my kids better this way. Sometimes it is easier getting on the computer than making a phone call. This was you can check the computer at times when making a phone call is not a good time. At any rate, I am going to try this out.

Something crazy is always happening around here. Today, Gary tried to replace the filter on the refrigerator. The water would not turn off to the refrigerator. But he didn't know that until he had the filter disconnected from the little hose. Water went shooting everywhere. He was yelling for me to get something to catch and hold the water. I grabbed two gallon pitchers to hold the water. I had to keeping bailing water until he could get outside to turn off the main water valve. What a sight and mess.

After he got it all hooked back together, he went outside to turn on the water. We stayed in communication via cell phones while I watched the refrigerator hose inside and he turned on the water outside. He turned it on. Water started spraying out of the first connection between the hose and the filter. He had to turn off the water again. I didn't have the pitcher ready to catch the water, so water ran all over the towel I had on the floor behind the refrigerator. He came in and grabbed a pitcher for me while I was holding the little hose down to the towel. It finally quit running out of the hose. We are NOT PLUMBERS. Nor are we handy at all.

Gary left to get new hose. Hopefully I won't be without water all day. But most of our repair projects take all day, when other people only need an hour or two. That's the trouble with getting old and not knowing what we are doing. It was actually pretty funny!